Sunday, August 21, 2016

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So, here I am just passing 70 (speed limit is 60) and trying to fill in some of my semi-retirement time with some book reviews of current and past reads.  Generally, I prefer what is termed as "literary fiction," i.e. not the stuff you find in airport book stalls.  As a "break" from the literary fiction genre I supplement with crime fiction, mostly by British authors such as Ruth Rendell, P.D. James, and Peter Lovesey.  At the moment, though, I am being sidetracked by non-fiction historical books, specifically SPQR and Pompeii by Mary Beard because she is giving a presentation next month in the city where I live.

This, then, will be the primary focus of the blog, although I will add in some other things such as DVD and TV show reviews and even occasionally let go with an opinion on some topical issue related to books.  In all cases, though, I am planning to do my utmost that this blog maintains quality writing.

And, as I become more experienced, I will upgrade the site and make it more attractive, although I am basically a minimalist so there will be no fancy graphics or outlandish colors.  The blog is called "Reads" and that is what is all about--not about delirious looking formats.

Come to me with your suggestions.


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